In Cevisama, we presented our new collection CR LUX!

Shifting the focus from minimalism to mighty force of geology makes for an interior design trend guaranteed to get heads turning. Dramatic interior is a trend with an essentially neoclassical influence, inspiring spaces with natural marble and stone effects. Stone hewn from the world’s most prestigious quarries are the origins of this trend, characterised by marble effect designs featuring sophisticated patterns and bright and beautiful colours which, together with the precious stone effects, will become the focal point of any room.

In an evocation of luxury and elegance, interior design creates dramatically theatrical spaces, applying state-of-the-art technologies and designs with granilla (a granular glaze) to reposition ceramic tiles at the forefront of contemporary interior design and decoration.

Cr. Lux Kionia Azzurro 120×120 + 60×120

Subtle shading, veining and glossy effects are the hallmarks of eight series that together form a collection known as CR. LUX, the quintessence of the trend defined above. Two black marble effect series – Canfranc and Iliria – feature designs in the blackest of blacks and purest of whites; Ossola, with its blue and lavender tones recreates the dainty motifs of classic Palissandro marble; Laurants, all the tradition of Saint Laurants is reflected in a series characterised by fine golden veining that stands out against a darker cacao tone background; true to its name, Iceberg reflects the purity of white offset by large grey veining interspersed with maroon, for tiles in bold and forceful tones; Kionia, straight from the island of Panormus, is a series in shades of aquamarine that fills any space with a sense of harmony and vitality; and finally Danae, a series that extols the beauty of the precious agate stone, where crystalline blue forms a background for golden and brown waves, creating a decorative jewel.

Cr. Lux Canfranc 120×120 + 60×120

Available in 120 x 120 and 120 x 60 slabs, together they are the brightest stars in the constellation thanks to their principal feature: granilla (a granular glaze) the key ingredient that creates an amazing sense of depth, once the tiles have been polished. Superb designs combined with cuttingedge technical features that together allow for stunning visual impacts and clever plays on colour that will look fabulous in any room where wall or floor tiles are a core decorative element

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