Happiness is found in the smallest things

With a new found value in interior design, small-format tiles are back and they’re here to stay. Origin becomes the meeting point for the smaller Pamesa Cerámica collections. Origin is inspired by tradition, where it all began: the small clay tiles made by hand by artisans that now, thanks to technological advances, inspire us with their modernness. A world of sensations where diversity shines thanks to its different colours, shapes, sizes and prints.

7,5 x 30
2,95* x 11,81*
7 x 28
2,75* x 11,02*
6,5 x 20
2,55* x 7,87
15 x 15
5,90* x 5,90*
8 x 40 >
3,14* x 15,74*
13 x 15
5,14* x 5,90*
19,8 x 22,8
7,79* x 8,97*
25,8 x 29
9,84* x 11,41*

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This catalogue promotes current trends in interior design and architecture. 
Origin will fill your spaces with life with all its collections. Let your creativity loose and don’t ever hold back.

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